What is…

The Campinas Metropolitan Agency is a state government agency, created by Law No 946/2003, connected to the Secretariat of Regional Development and headquartered in the city of Campinas. The purpose of the AGEMCAMP is to integrate the organization, planning and execution of the public duties of common interest in the Campinas Metropolitan Region, which is formed by the municipalities of Americana, Artur Nogueira, Campinas, Cosmópolis, Engenheiro Coelho, Holambra, Hortolândia, Indaiatuba, Itatiba, Jaguariúna, Monte Mor, Morungaba, Nova Odessa, Paulínia, Pedreira, Santa Bárbara D’Oeste, Santo Antônio de Posse, Sumaré, Valinhos, and Vinhedo.

Among AGEMCAMP’s main attributions are: inspect the execution of the laws that regulate the metropolitan regions and apply the respective sanctions; set goals, plans, programs and projects of common interest; inspect and evaluate their execution; maintain administrative and technical structures under appropriate dimensions, giving priority to decentralized execution of works and services which will be attributed to qualified public or private agencies and entities in compliance with the pertinent legislation. In order to achieve its purposes, the AGEMCAMP may enter into contracts and agreements with national or foreign agencies, and entities under direct and indirect administration.