Expoflora estimates to receive 300,000 tourists

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It starts today in Holambra, the 35th edition of Expoflora, the largest exhibition of flowers and plants in Latin America. About 400 producers participating in the event, which received an investment of about R $ 4.3 million ($ 1.3 million) this year. The expectation of the organizers is that 300,000 people pass through the site during the event, which runs until September 25th. This year, besides the traditional days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) the exhibition will also be open on the holiday of September 7th and 8th, always from 9am to 7pm.

Although the country is going through financial crisis, the expected growth is estimated at between 6% and 8%, compared to last year. The industry’s revenues should reach R$ 6.65 billion (US$ 2.1 billion). 1,800 direct jobs positions and five thousand indirect were generated. “We expect a very good audience. Families can spend the day here, we have typical food of the Netherlands and five food courts”, said the ambassador’s party, Piet Schoemaker, who cheers up the exposition for 33 years.

One of the big news is the launching of flowers and ornamental plants, which are becoming more durable, productive and resistant to disease and climate. Among the new features are the roses that bring one flower bud and up to four sprouts on the same stem. The petunias with heart-shaped details, white chrysanthemum flowers nearly two times bigger than the conventional ones, must also conquer the public.

As for the Landscaping Show, which is in the 12th edition, it brings technologies that enable plants with little or no watering. The theme is “Cultivating from the Heart”. Walking through the exhibition you can see every room in a house with flowers and plants, including the bedrooms and bathrooms. The idea is to show that it is possible to turn the house into a more comfortable and beautiful place.

The ones who go through Expoflora will have the feeling of walking by the streets of Holland. Two panels of Keukenhof Park will be exposed for photos, taking the audience on a trip to the largest garden in the world. Interactive gardens are also present, where everyone can sit and enjoy the rose garden with 15 different varieties in red, yellow and pink colors. The traditional rain of petals is scheduled to take place during all days of the exhibition at 4:30pm. About 150kg of petals (18,000 sprouts will have the petals pulled off) are used to attract, which is one of the most expected of the exposition. Besides the rain of petals, it will be possible to take home petals cookies-shaped in this edition.

Another novelty is a chocolate recipe with red fruit, which has the shape of a rose bud and was named “Bloem Berry Roos”. Every day at 2:30pm, visitors can watch the groups of Dutch dances in four stages mounted in the exposition. Families can also visit Holambra History Museum, free admission, and tells the story of Dutch immigration and colonization. The exhibition is mounted in a space of 250,000 square meters and the public will have 16 snack bars and seven restaurants. As for the exhibition of flowers, 750 square meters were reserved. Expoflora should move between R$ 22 million and R$ 24 million (US$ 6.9 million and US$ 7.5 million) in the surrounding towns.



35th Expoflora – Holambra

Date: 26 August to 25 September, from Friday to Sunday, and on 7 and 8 September (Independence holiday)

Time: from 9am to 7pm

Tickets: R$ 42.00 (US$ 13.1) at the box office or by representatives (see list on www.expoflora.com.br) and Internet – www.ingressorapido.com.br

Information for the public: (19) 3802-1421 and expoflora@expoflora.com.br