Mayor Reinaldo Nogueira delivers medals for security collaborators

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Mayor Reinaldo Nogueira (PMDB) was this Monday, 21, delivering medals to the rewarded in celebration of 32 years of the Civil Guard, which were completed in October 2015. The civic act takes place in the Laura Falh Corrêa Educational Complex, at Park of Nations. During the event were delivered 24 decorations, being rewarded 15 guards and nine collaborators of the Indaiatuba security.

Reinaldo thanked the collaboration of the 24 honored and recalled the commitment of each rewarded for the security of Indaiatuba to maintain the lowest rates of criminality in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas. “I congratulate all of the honored. The State Deputy Rogério Nogueira, who has managed funds and shares with the State Government to our city as the withdrawal of the Ppublic Jail, that so many problems brought to Indaiatuba; the lady Ester Viana, who is a fighter person in Agemcamp and always helps the Security of our region with great achievements; the civil and military police represented here in this honoring by the chief investigator Glauco Verdu and Captain Jesus, who were important people in the integration of police forces in Indaiatuba, because after all the bad guy does not look the color of the uniform and inspector Zombine and Lieutenant Baccin for the professionalism”, informs. “I also highlight the Civil Guards of 2015 França and Bauer and 16 municipal employees chosen to receive the Merit of Dedication”, states. “Everyone has their collaboration share in Indaiatuba Security”, completes.

The Secretary of Public Security, Alexandre Guedes Pinto, also gave a brief report of the collaboration of all those honored for the Security of Indaiatuba, among them one of the highlights is the Chief Inspector Mário Sérgio Zombine, who entered the Civil Guard with 23 years old. “The Zombine inspector is an example of person and professional and today receives another medal in his career this time for merit of citizenship, which is the highest honor of the Public Security Municipal Secretariat. Many of the aspirants who are in our academy were not even born when inspector Zombine was already defending our city from crime and always with an ethical and professional conduct”, recalls. Zombine currently is commander and director of the Civil Guard of Indaiatuba.


Check out the honors and honored:


- Merit of Citizenship – intended to award the career members of the Civil Guard as well as the citizens who, for dedication and selflessness have provided relevant services to the corporation, as well as have shown special and highlighted commitment to the indaiatubana community on issues of citizenship and well-being of the population. With it will be honored five corporate partners: the state deputy, Rogério Nogueira; MP captain, Jesus André Alves; the executive director of Agemcamp, Ester Vianna; the chief investigator of the Civil Police of Indaiatuba, Glauco Verdu; the lieutenant of the Fire Department, Luiz Fernando Baccin and the commander and director of the Civil Guard, Mario Sérgio Zombine.

- Merit of Guard – intended to reward the career members of the Civil Guard, which stand out as the best Civil Guard of 2015, which were chosen by an evaluation commission, by the criteria established in the Municipal Law 6,192/2013. Will receive the 2015 medals: distinct class Bauer Marques Dias and the 3rd class Adeildo Ribeiro de França.

- Merit of Dedication – is intended to honor the members of Indaiatuba Civil Guard and local, state and federal officials for their merits excel in the line of duty, worthy of recognition of public administration by meritorious acts arising from relevant services provided, contributing to the Public Security of Indaiatuba. Will receive the honor: the head of the Education and Training Division, inspector Marilsa Aparecida de Souza; the Policing supervisor, sub-inspector Edilson José Gomes da Silva; the 1st class, Josenaldo Seiconde Sena; the 2nd class, Ronaldo Juventino da Silva; Valdeir de Almeida Orlandi; Alexandro Miranda Lucas; the 3rd class, Marcelo Matias Araújo; Wagner José Gossler; Marcos Vandré Tezoto; Joao Domingues dos Reis; Bernardino da Silva Paulo and Afonso Lucas Trindade Fernandes; the advisor of the Communication Secretariat, Gilmar Aparecido Nunes; the director of the Government Secretariat, Lincoln Sales Franco; the administrative coordinators of COI and Tiago Alessandro de Brito.



The Civil Guard was created by Municipal Law No. 1.999 of October 31, 1983, in order to collaborate with the State Police in security service of the Municipality, whether personal or patrimonial, exercising diurnal surveillance on roads and public places in addition to help the population in case of need. In 1984, 200 people have applied to compete for the first positions of MG. After the written tests, medical examinations and physical fitness tests, 44 were selected.

The first class began the Training Course on February 1 of that year. Were 500 hours of classes and 90 days of classes taught by a faculty composed of magistrates, officers of the Military Policy and experts in Criminal Law, Police Practice, Police Instruction, United Order, Public Relations, Armament and Shooting, Emergency Aid, Portuguese Language, Personal Defense, Physical Education and Swimming. Currently the Civil Guard is composed of 280 guards and 55 cars.