Mayors seek environmental solutions integrated to the CMR

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The environmental planning in the Campinas Metropolitan Region was the main theme of the meeting of the Development Council, held today in the city of Sumaré. One of the goals of the Mayors is to seek joint solutions to promote the development of a sustainable way, prioritizing actions for restoration and preservation of riparian forests and protection of headwaters and tributaries of water sources.

On the subject were made two presentations. The first, a proposal for the creation of the Environmental Plan Underground, presented by the Director of the Department of Green and Sustainable Development – Angela Cruz Guirão, from the secretary of the Green, Environment and Sustainable Development. The proposal is to promote a unified action in the region for plans and municipal projects, involving also the actions of the basins of the PCJ. The idea came from the environmental plan of Campinas, which is already in development.

The Director has proposed the establishment of a term of cooperation among the 20 municipalities for conservation of natural resources, having been supported then by the Council of Development. The presentation also addressed the importance of ecological corridors in the CMR and also of the Protocol of Intentions which was already signed by the Mayors previously, and aims to draw up the inventory of emission of greenhouse gases, which is already in progress. The question of the treatment of solid waste was also featured in a presentation by Agronomist Valdemir Ravagnani - Superintendent of Consimares Consortium (Intermunicipal Consortium for the management of solid wastes of CMR).

To deepen the theme, the Council of Development adopted at this meeting the reactivation of the Thematic Chamber of environment, which includes municipal technicians in the area.

The Council of Development also addressed in the agenda of this meeting solution in technology aimed at improving public management. The matter was submitted by the Technical Director of IMA – Leandro Telles, with explanation on application of information technology in the healthcare services to the population in various areas such as health, education, finance, among others. Thinking about improving these services, the Vice Chairman of the Board – Luiz Alfredo Dalben, proposed that the IMA (Computer Science of Municipalities Associated) facilitates the ownership interest of other municipalities of CMR in the company, which was strongly endorsed by President Denis Andia.