Mayors discuss actions to promote Tourism

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At a meeting of the Development Council of the Campinas Metropolitan Region, held on Tuesday in Engenheiro Coelho, the Secretary of State for Tourism – Laércio Benko – defended the proposal that the CMR be the first State Region to form a block with all the municipalities registered as “Municipalities of Tourist Interest”. The objective is to optimize tourism potential to foster regional development, using the new Complementary Law no. 2661/2015, which created a new classification and opened another 140 vacancies for “Municipalities of Tourist Interest”, through which they can receive resources of the Fund for the Improvement of Tourist Municipalities, administered by DADE (Department for Supporting to the Development of Touristic Cities). Currently the municipalities of Pedreira and Jaguariúna are in the process of insertion in this category, taking advantage of its polo characteristics of porcelain manufacture and crockery. In the CMR, Holambra and Morungaba are considered in the category of tourist resorts.

According to Secretary Laércio Benko, the CMR has great potential, with natural, gastronomic, hotel, historic, among others. During the meeting, the mayors emphasized the differential of their municipalities, such as the traditional parties of the Circuito das Frutas (Fruit Circuit), in Valinhos, Vinhedo and Itatiba; of the pawn, in Americana, Jaguariúna and Sumaré; of flowers in Holambra, and cultural events such as the Festa Confederada (Confederate Party) in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste; the ride of Maria Fumaça from Campinas to Jaguariúna among many other riches that the municipalities of the CMR offer.

As a contribution to creating a block of municipalities of tourist interest, the Secretary of Metropolitan Affairs of the State – Edmur Mesquita – suggests the partnership between the State Government and the municipalities for the elaboration of a diagnosis of each of the 20 cities with respect to their structure. For him, “this is a technical action that can support this idea and result in the strengthening of public policy in the area of Tourism, but also, consequently, in the area of Culture”.

As president of Aprecesp (Association of the Spa City Hallsin the state of São Paulo), the mayor of Holambra – Fernando Fiori de Godoy – stressed the importance of transforming tourism to generate employment and income and thus strengthen the economy of the region.


Public Safety

In addition to the work and projects related to the promotion of Tourism in the Region and in the State, the agenda of the Council meeting also addressed the area of Safety, with a discussion of actions in defense of Women’s Rights. Representatives of the municipalities of Campinas, Santa Bárbara d’Oeste and Monte Mor presented projects that are under development, such as the program “Guarda Amigo da Mulher (Women’s Friend Guard)”, developed in Monte Mor and whose project was born in the Thematic Chamber of Security of the CMR.

The President of the Development Council and Mayor of Santa Bárbara d’Oeste – Denis Andia – highlights the regionalization of Security actions. “There is a trend that the municipalities are adopting, which is the integration in the efforts related to the protection of the physical integrity of Women”, he points out. Reinforcing the theme, the Executive Director of Agemcamp – Ester Viana – recalls the activities of the Women’s Thematic Chamber, whose coordinator – Léa Telles – was also present at this meeting, and stresses that the bill elaborated in these three municipalities can also be implemented in other municipalities in the Region.