Sales grew and reverted the falls on commemorative dates

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After the disappointment of the results in important commemorative dates throughout the year, finally the trade of the Campinas Metropolitan Region (CMR) showed a nominal growth (no discount for inflation) at Easter this year. The increase was small, 1.25% – which does not allow to speak on recovery or recovery of the economy, but at least reverses the drop in sales that the industry was facing a long time ago.

Inflation in low, the cutting of interest rates and the input of resources of inactive accounts from the Guarantee Fund (FGTS) stimulated sales, and sales increased from R$501.6 million (US$161.3 million) in 2016 to R$507.9 million (US$163.3 million) this year. The average value of purchases has also increased 1.64%, to R$124.00 (US$39.87) now against R$122.00 (US$39.23) in 2016. Already the hiring of temporary staff was less than expected. In total, were admitted 4,752 people with restricted contract the period of Easter in CMR.

The coordinator of the Economics Department of the Commercial and Industrial Association (Acic), Alexandre Martins, stated that the result of this year in the handling of sales was positive, but that the average spending of consumers and the admissions were lower than expected.

Martins said that the results of the passover point to a scenario more promising on Mother’s Day – the second date more important than timing of retail, behind only Christmas. If the results are positive, it can finally consolidate a revival of the sector.